The truth is, we all need help sometimes. Whether you're a couple going through tough times or an individual looking for support, therapy and counseling can be a great first step.

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Many people have found that counseling does not yield the results they desire. They often come to us after seeing other counselors complaining that all the other therapist did was listen and nod. “You actually tell me what I can do” is a phrase we hear often. Many clients want more direction than some counselors are comfortable giving. That simply isn't the case with us.

We work with a focus on directness and specificity in the goals of treatment. Behavioral skills are combined with internal awareness and emotional growth. Get to know our team!

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Goal Setting

We approach counseling with the awareness that you are ultimately responsible for the changes you will make during therapy. This focus guides the therapy process from goal setting to completion of therapy. Changes are cooperated upon according to your desires, values and abilities.

Mental health therapists tend to be non-directive and therefore clients don't know what to goals are. We are more direct and specific about the goals of treatment and objectives to complete treatment. Behavioral skills are combined with internal awareness and emotional growth. Homework is a major component of treatment and resources include behavioral practices that require reporting, homework, and diary cards. Clinical concerns range from anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship concerns, life changes, addiction counseling, ext.

Comfortable Environment

After an initial time of focused goal setting, I make a point to create a light and often humorous environment while at the same time challenging you to take a more an active role in improving your life and the therapy process.

Educated, Challenged & Supported

Therapy is a mixture of support and confrontation. You will be educated, challenged and supported as you make changes in your life. Cognitive Behavioral, Family Systems and Solution Focused strategies are combined to identify the best methods for your life.

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