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Dusty Powell


Therapist & Founder

"I used to describe myself based on my degrees but the longer I do this work the more I realize my degrees are the key to the door, but it’s my personal history that makes me who I am as a therapist."

A little about Dusty

I was raised in Southern California but left as soon as I could, realizing at age 13 that Colorado was where I belonged. I spent my youth in activities including Boy Scouts (earning the rank of Eagle), church and school band activities. Yes, I was a band geek. I left California as quickly as I could, attending undergrad initially in Colorado Springs and then Lakewood, Colorado where I met me wife. I have been a Park County resident since 2003 where I reside with my wife, Sarah, and our two children.
Through my many activities and experiences I came to realize that life may be lived outdoors, such as kayaking down one of our many great rivers, or indoors, enjoying a fire on a snowy day, but what really brings contentment in life if having meaningful relationships. Intimacy is best spelled Into-Me-You-See. I am most content when spending time with family and friends who see through the exterior and understand my deeper passions, desires and interests.

Who I work with

    I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Addiction Counselor Level III in the State of Colorado. I have a Master’s in Professional Counseling from Denver Seminary and BA in Psychology from Colorado Christian University.
    I have been in practice since 2002. In the early to mid 2000s I worked in Juvenile Residential Treatment, Out-Patient Treatment and In-Home Services. I opened my current business, Family Integration Counseling in Bailey and Fairplay in 2009. My training and expertise ranges from Sexual Abuse and Offending, Substance Use, Abuse and Addiction, Co-Occurring Disorders, Juvenile Treatment to Spiritual Issues, Psychological Testing and Child Development. I also have experience treating issues related to Adoption, ADHD, Trauma/PTSD, Child Abuse, Foster Care, Depression, Anxiety and Relationships.
    These days I find my work divided between individuals with severe trauma, individuals and families with substance use problems and marriage therapy.
    I have sought specific training to differentiate myself from an over-flooded market of counselors. trained in EMDR to work with trauma and PTSD. I use biofeedback to teach clients emotional regulation, stress relief and as a support addition to other therapies that may be used.
    I no longer work with the court system however I years past I have been both an Approved Treatment Provider for Domestic Violence and Sex Offenders in the State of Colorado. I have testified as an expert witness in child development in Jefferson County Courts. I participated in the Park County Specialty Courts and worked collectively with all levels of government in numerous counties.

    My Approach

    I approach counseling with the awareness that you, the client are ultimately responsible for the changes that you make and choose to make during therapy. This focus guides the therapy process from goal setting to completion of therapy. Changes are not “prescribed” but cooperated upon according to a your desires, values and abilities.
    The start of treatment is often very focused and we get down to business. Once we have clear goals, I create a light and often humorous environment while challenging you, the client to take more responsibility and self control in your life and the therapy process.