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Family Therapy

Family therapy is a solution-focused approach to resolving family problems. Instead of seeing all issues as failures, we help families identify their strengths and use them to come up with quick solutions that are more likely to last.

Dusty has worked with youth and their families since 2002. The hope to work with families is what brought Dusty to the counseling field in the first place. Once he recognized the role parents can play for good or bad in the life of a child, he became committed to developing the skills to help families grow and succeed. By working from a Solution Focused approach Dusty helps families identify the strengths families already have, rather than seeing all problems as failures. In addition to creating faster solutions, such as approach helps to maintain motivation and a sense of success throughout treatment.

Services to the Family
Family Preservation Services
When children are in risk of abuse or neglect or removed from the home, reunification of the family is always the top priority. Solution focused interventions target the strengths that families have for their own healing and growth. We work closely with the county Department of Human Services/Child Protective Services to encourage permanency, safety and support of the home environment.
Family Therapy
Families often know when things don’t feel right but don’t know what to do. We join with families to allow them to build on their own strengths and learn to solve problems on their own.